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Start A Business Or Purchase An Existing Business

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A Business Immigration Lawyer can assist you in starting a business in Canada

Individuals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business or purchase an existing business and operate it in Canada will require in most cases an authorization to work in Canada or if they wish to remain in Canada Permanently submit an application for Permanent Residence.

The process of planing  and setting up a business is a complex process that can be daunting for most individuals and businesses who are not necessarily familiar with all of the requirements and procedures. This is where a Business Immigration Lawyer can be of assistance in ensuring that you are aware of any potential issues with respect to your matter.

The process for a business owner or entrepreneur to start their activities in Canada usually requires  submitting a temporary residence application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and/or submitting a Permanent Residence Application as the case may be.

Our Firm can assist you in planning and setting up your business in Canada.

Our Business Immigration Lawyer can assist you by:

  1. Assisting you in determining what type of Business you wish to set up and which Immigration pathway is best suited for you to manage your business based on a time table
  2. Assist you in determining the structure of your Business
  3. Assist you in preparing a Business Plan if required for an Immigration Application
  4. Guide you in Obtaining the relevant Registrations for your Business including Incorporation and Extra provincial registrations
  5. Assist you in either submitting a Labour Market Impact Assessment or request an LMIA exemption through the International Mobility Program
  6. Submit a Temporary Residence Application and/or Permanent Residence Application depending on your short term and long term objectives

There is not always a capital requirement, however, in most cases you must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient capital to cover the initial costs of setting up the Business and cover the costs of operating the business. 

We can assist you in determining the costs associated with setting up your business at the business plan stage by reviewing and preparing a cash flow model. 

The cash flow model will ensure that most of the expenses and costs associated with setting up your business and running it are determined in order to have an accurate projection of the costs associated with the potential business.

Furthermore, it is important for you to be able to demonstrate that you have the necessary work experience, education or language level to demonstrate that you can meet the requirements for the position or the job.

Our Business Immigration Lawyers can assist you in not only understanding all of the required steps to run your business in Canada but also in taking the necessary steps throughout the process. 

Our lawyers have worked in the past with individuals and Entrepreneurs from various industries and assisted them in coming to Canada to setup their Business. 

We have experience working with the various industries including the remittance industry, I.T., consulting, construction and landscaping; farming and agricultural and the Insurance Industry to name a few. 

If you are contemplating starting a Business in Canada and are unsure as to where to start or what steps are the necessary steps in starting a business in Canada you may want to book a paid consultation with our business immigration lawyer.

Please note that this is general Information and should not be construed as legal advice


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