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About Auxilium Law PC

Auxilium Law Professional Corporation (‘Auxilium Law PC’) is an Immigration and Refugee Law Firm located in Toronto, Ontario.

Auxilium Law PC uses its in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Immigration and Refugee Law to find cost-effective solutions for its client’s legal problems. 

Auxilium Law PC serves both individuals and businesses of all sizes. 

The word Auxilium means to help/assist in latin. The name of the company embodies the mission and the objectives of our company.

Our Legal Services

Temporary Residence Visa Canada Auxilium Law PC

Temporary Residence

Come to Canada on a Temporary Basis as a Visitor, Worker or Student.

PR Application Form Icon Immigration Lawyer Arvin Afzali located in Toronto Ontario

Permanent Residence

Come to Canada on a Permanent basis by being sponsored or through other applicable Programs.

LMIA and Valid Job Offer for Employers ICON Arvin Afzali Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

Economic Immigration

Individuals or companies wishing to come to Canada on an Economic Basis.

LMIA and Valid Job Offer for Employers ICON Arvin Afzali Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

LMIA Exemption Codes under the IMP

Canadian Employers wishing to hire a foreign worker will usually require an LMIA or if one of the exemption codes under the International Mobility Program applies a Job Offer that is registered on the Employer Portal.

Refugee and Asylum Claim Icon in Canada Refugee Lawyer Arvin Afzali located in Toronto Ontario

Refugee claim
Inside of Canada

Individuals who are in Canada and have a fear of returning to their home country may in some circumstances apply for refugee protection provided they meet the requirements set out in the Regulations and the Act.

Inadmissibility issues Icon Toronto Immigration Lawyer Arvin Afzali

Admissibility Issues

Individuals may be inadmissible to Canada as a Permanent Resident or Foreign National for failing to meet certain requirements set out under the Regulations or the Act.

Detention Review

Immigration Detention Review

Individuals who are detained by the Immigration Authorities and need a lawyer at their Detention Review.

Immigration and Refugee Appeal Icon Arvin Afzali Toronto Immigration Lawyer

Immigration and Refugee Appeals

Individuals who might have a right of Appeal for their Refugee matter or for their Immigration matter such as a sponsorship refusal under the family class, residency obligations or removal orders.

Judicial Review at the Federal Court of Canada Auxilium Law Icon

Federal Court

The last legal recourse in most cases for individuals seeking to contest a decision rendered on their Immigration or Refugee matter.

Judicial Review at the Federal Court of Canada Auxilium Law Icon

Resident Card
and Travel Document

Permanent Residents are required to provide proof of their status when they want to re-enter Canada.

Notry Public in Toronto Ontario Icon

Notary Public

Need to Certify copy an original document or sing a declaration under Oath (affidavit). We offer Notarization services.

General Inquiries

Please Note that:

We usualy do not provide free legal advice or services.

We charge a consultation fee in most cases unless you have a Legal Aid Certificate.

Our Consultation fees are $150 + applicable taxes for half-an-hour and $225 + applicable taxes for one hour.

Clients under a Legal Aid Certificate get a free consultation for up to 30 minutes in order for them to determine if they wish to retain us.

We reserve the right not to take on a case.

We become a client’s lawyer only after a retainer is signed.


Jamshadshokri Jamshadshokri
Jamshadshokri Jamshadshokri
23:46 16 Jun 22
Without the help of Arvin Afzali , I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have. Arvin took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and few had ever seen. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. He... has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire lengthy process. Though we faced challenges, Arvin did not falter. His thorough research provided us the pathway we needed to rise to victory. I will only recommend Arvin Afzali as I have never been nor have I ever seen anyone treated better. I am proud to be a Arvin client and will continue to retain him for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best more
Fawad Noorzad
Fawad Noorzad
04:18 12 Jun 22
Mr, Arvin Afzali has the great experience and professional lawyer in immigration in Toronto, Ontario. He is very kind me generous person,I am very grateful and thankful from Mr Arvin Afzali that the way he helped me to get the process done and remarkable result. I couldn’t believe how I got my... permanent resident, that’s all a professional lawyer do for his/ her clients. In all zoom meeting, he was very kind to me and very comfortably we talked about my case. I thought I couldn’t tell because my story was so complicated, that was Arvin Afzali who arranged everything with having a fee session. My personal experience as a client was extremely outstanding thoroughly. As I am in Canada, Toronto, Ontario because Arvin Afzali and his team so helped me . He is very knowledgeable according his work experience.Thank you , Auxilium Law professional more
ali razavi
ali razavi
01:28 02 May 22
I cannot thank the law firm enough for all their tireless work on my application, top notch immigration lawyer who is very knowledgeable and experienced . I highly recommend him and his team.
Mohammadmahdi Shahabi
Mohammadmahdi Shahabi
19:57 19 Apr 22
If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer - please, look no further!Arvin is truly amazing. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration field - he is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as his own. He is always available via email or... phone, answers all the questions in detail, and during meetings -he is always prepared and will spend extra time with you. he will be in touch, guiding you thru the whole process until full success. I am very glad I chose Mr. Arvin as my lawyer and highly recommend using his services if you need help in your immigration process.Be sure that he and his team is the one that you're looking for, it took me several months searching for an immigration lawyer and I'm glad in the end I chose his corporation, he is the one that will guide you step by step and will look thru your case from any possible angles.trusting Mr. Arvin and his team was the best decision I could make in my immigration case.finglish;masale mohajerat azon masaelie ke hamvareh sakhti ha va nokat khase khodesho dare makhsosan ke agar massale marbot be case panahandegi bashe, aghaye arvin va teamesh jozve afradi hastan ke to in masir be rahti mitonan komaketon konan va tamame marahel ro baraton sharh bedan , etamd be ishon va timeshon monjrab in shod ke man case marbot be khodam ro ba movafaghiayat separy konam va azin mozo besyar khoshhalam , peygiri haye hamvare ishon va response ha va nokati ke beman gosh zad mikardan monjarb in shod ke man casamo ba movafaghyat separy konam, motmaen bashin az etemad be ishon va timeshon pashimon nemishin.Thanks Mr. Arvin for all the helps.Mohammadread more
Mohammad Yousof
Mohammad Yousof
14:02 28 Feb 22
I am a long client of Arvin, who's been using his services since 2016. The work ethics is unmatched and the experience if greatly positive. He helped a lot with more than one immigration related items and their advise was extremely valuable. I highly recommend to use as the value obtained from... their office is truly great. Thank you Arvin and team for the great more
Fardeen Nizami
Fardeen Nizami
20:45 22 Feb 22
I had a very good experience with Auxilium Law Professional corporation. I truly apricate their professionalism, knowledge and hard work
Andre Breda
Andre Breda
00:01 11 Nov 21
Arvin is a very punctual and professional individual . He always makes sure you fully understand your process and is always available when you have any questions. Top notch customer service and professionalism .
Ghaith Abu-Ashour
Ghaith Abu-Ashour
13:35 29 Oct 21
It has been a great experience reaching out and dealing with Mr. Arvin Afzali from Auxilium Law. I am very glad that I contacted Mr. Arvin regarding my immigration application. He is a very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, reachable and very responsive Lawyer. Mr. Arvin is always available... to answer your calls and questions.Considering his experience and exceptional knowledge of the immigration laws, Mr. Arvin Afzali knows what he is doing and how do handle your matter professionally to help you reach the desired outcome.I strongly recommend Auxilium Law. Mr. Arvin will spare no efforts to help you with your immigration matter.I wish that I can give more than five stars with this more
18:57 12 Oct 21
I had the pleasure to deal with Arvin for my permanent residency application after a recommendation from a colleague - I also now highly recommend Auxilium. From the initial consultation through to the close, I was extremely happy with the level of professionalism and respect I was shown. Every... process was explained to me throughout, which I really appreciated. Will recommend to anyone considering moving to more
toktam maghmoumi
toktam maghmoumi
02:03 08 Oct 21
I and my husband had a great experience with Mr. Afzali, he is both very professional and responsible and an honorable person. I wish you more success, Mr. Afzali
Amin Amin
Amin Amin
14:29 07 Sep 21
He is one of the most professional and expert lawyer I’ve seen.he is really punctual,patient , responsible and well educated. You pay low price but you get high quality I strongly recommend mr Arvin Afzali.I am proud of working with him. I hope everything turned out fine for him .
Jay Garodia
Jay Garodia
13:08 26 Aug 21
One of the most professional law firm I’ve taken service from. I would recommend everyone to take consultation and service , the lawyer helped me smoothly with the process. Thank you so much 🙂
ziaa mohiq
ziaa mohiq
05:08 13 Aug 21
I've consulted with Mr. Afzali. There's no question about his competency. Not only he is very knowledgable of Canadian immigration law but also has good grasp of the contemporary issues surrounding immigration outside Canada. If you are looking for a smart and articulate immigration lawyer who can... represent you with integrity and dedication, you probably want to consider more
Sylvia Eguavoen
Sylvia Eguavoen
01:17 20 May 21
Before I meant Mr. Arvin, I had already three Lawyers who handled my case, Hum. Thank God Almighty for leading me to him, and I thank God for using him to open my eye to the things I needed to know about my case also I thank him for his patience, I thank him for guiding me well through all the... process, I thank him for telling me the truth" Sylvia there Is no changes, in this case, I don't want you to pay me for nothing, so I will tell you the truth, is not all about the money, I want you to get what you pay for so let us try another way, that would be better". And today I am very happy.It was a great experience for me.Mr. Arvin A. Was very productive, detailed instructed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer over and over again. Thank you and to your teamread more
Sammy Mumo
Sammy Mumo
11:06 11 Feb 21
I had a great experience with Mr. Arvin Afzali he was very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. I highly recommend him for anyone who is facing immigration issues. Thank you Arvin &God bless you.
masuda taslim
masuda taslim
20:50 09 Feb 21
Amazing experience, would recommend anyone if they are look for a lawyer, Mr.Arvin Afzali has helped me so much and guided me through canadian immigration process, very kind, understanding person, and most importantly very professional.
Ali Nikdel
Ali Nikdel
20:08 21 Jan 21
Wonderful experience, great price. At two occasion that we were desperate about our working visa and immigration works in Canada, Mr. Arvin Afzali has helped us. Especially at the second occasion we were under tremendous amount of stress. He accepted to consult with him with a short note and was... supper helpful. What we especially like about him is his no non-sense attitude. He doesn't give you false promise. If there is something you can do it yourself, he guides you to do so and doesn't charge you for things many of his colleagues might charge you hefty prices. Based on these occasions we worked with him, we highly appreciate his help and suggest him for others. Thank more
Ranjodh Singh
Ranjodh Singh
04:37 22 Aug 20
Arvin has been extremely professional and has given me best advice regarding Canadian Migration. He is very prompt to reply to any inquiry . Highly recommended!!
Vikram Paul Singh
Vikram Paul Singh
18:47 20 Aug 20
I have worked with Mr.Afzali for two years now. I am so lucky to have been referred to him, because he has done an excellent job and continues to, on my Immigration application. He is knowledgeable and thoroughly diligent and most importantly worried about his clients. I can be worry free about my... process because of Mr. Afzali.I highly highly Recommend more
16:04 14 Jun 20
I would strongly recommend Arvin + team for support in matters related to Canadian immigration. I had a great experience working with them - they were professional, swift and very on top of their game! They were thorough in reviewing documentation and provided helpful feedback to submitting a... strong application. Their knowledge and advice was extremely valuable and accurate!read more
Salematou Camara
Salematou Camara
14:50 09 Jun 20
Excellent lawyer! As a criminal defence lawyer, I have worked in collaboration with Arvin on an immigration matter for my client. Arvin's goal when working with clients is to provide them the best value possible. He was extremely knowledgeable when I came to him with my client's immigration... concerns. He offered detailed explanation to help us best prepare for court on the immigration issue. He cares for his client and his fees are more
Craig Parikh
Craig Parikh
18:02 05 Jun 20
Auxilium Law Professional Corporation is the best immigration firm out there in Toronto ON for sure. I highly Recommend to opt their service, especially of the firm's director Mr. Arvin Afzali. He and his team were quite professional thoroughly from the beginning till the end. Mr. Arvin is highly... professional, very knowledgeable and his expertise in Immigration law and such are par excellence. He provided me with ample of information transparently from the get-go and always answered or responded my questions or emails promptly. Quality of service is certainly what you get once you opt for their service. Moreover, Mr. Arvin is very strategic, discerning and he will provide you with practical option which would be best in your interest. My personal experience as a client was great thoroughly. Thanks to Mr. Arvin and his dedicated team. Lastly, you can be assured that you are in the safe hands once you are associated with this firm and its team. Thank you Mr. Arvin and his team of Auxilium for your support, guidance and quality service. more
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