IRCC announces gradual reopening/resumption of in-person services (testing phase) – COVID – 19 Update

IRCC announces gradual reopening resumption of in-person services

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announces the Gradual resumption of in-person services.

In a News release dated September 17, 2020, IRCC announced that it would slowly beginning to reopen in-person services in select offices by appointment only, beginning the week of September 21, 2020.

This is a pilot/test program . The testing phase will allow IRCC to cautiously assess the feasibility and risks associated with reopening.

The limited services being offered as of September 21, 2020, include the following:

Resumption of in-person services related to Citizenship Applications

  • Vancouver Expo will be reopening for limited citizenship-related services, including citizenship knowledge re-testing and citizenship hearings, for a select cohort of applicants, to test the flow and viability of client-facing services. IRCC will be scheduling appointments by email.

Resumption of in-person services related to Permanent residence

  • IRCC offices in Etobicoke and Montréal are reopening for permanent residence-related services. Clients who require a permanent resident card (PR card) pick up or permanent residence determination (interview to determine the client’s status) will be contacted by email to schedule an appointment.

Resumption of in-person services related to Asylum/Refugee Claims

  • IRCC offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls are reopening for limited asylum-related services.
  • IRCC will schedule appointments via epost with clients who need to collect or submit documents, provide their biometric information, or come in for an interview.
  • If this pilot goes well, IRCC offices in Vancouver (Hornby), Montréal, and Etobicoke will open in the future to provide these services.

IRCC will contact clients to book appointments based on their file status, location in Canada, and other factors. Client selection is largely based on the date of the client’s application.

For more information see IRCC’s announcement: Gradual resumption of in-person services.

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